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  • Canon introduction
  • Canon EOS M features
  • Other camera reviews

Canon is a Japanese company that specializes in making images and optical products. They are well known for their cameras and computer printers. When you hear the word Canon, what automatically comes to mind are computer printers and DSLR cameras. Basically, it is a household name now. Canon started producing analog cameras since 1937 and has come a long way since. Their digital cameras are considered top of the line and among the best available in the market today. So, let’s take a look at one of their best digital cameras, the EOS M. (see more reviews at cameradojo)

First off, the EOS M is a mirrorless digital camera that is considered by some as the cream of the crop in its category. Think of it as a stripped down DSLR camera but its way smaller. It also doesn’t have viewfinder which some consider as a disadvantage, but the image quality it produces is top of the line. It has a unique feature that when you set it on movie mode, the auto focus works continuously. It also has an external microphone socket that allows you to capture audio well with the help of an external microphone. It also has interchangeable lens features which is quite good.

The only 2 issues that most people find with this camera is that first, it is quite expensive. It usually retails around $700+, so it’s a little expensive for a point and shoot camera. The other issue it has is the slow auto focus response when taking pictures. It does take some time for it to do its auto focus when the scene isn’t ideal. The overall judgment is that, although it is using one of the more advanced technologies in photography today, it is still quite an expensive point and shoot camera. It is good to own though if you have the budget for it and if you are only using it for casual shooting. For professionals, there are other better mirrorless cameras out there that are way cheaper and better.

See more reviews at cameradojo for other cameras that you are interested in. They provide honest and on point opinions regarding just about any cameras available in the market today. Visit cameradojo.com now!



Graphics for Word Resume Templates

  • Templates to use with graphics in it in a Word document
  • Out-of-the-box resumes that would impact your job application
  • Incorporating graphics to your cool Word resumes

These graphic resume templates in word don’t come that often, but when they do, they bring in that necessary improvement to your resume.


If you try to look at it, it’s an advance, really. Word documents are usually not that receptive when it comes to graphic designs because they cater only text messages. But since these graphic resume templates in word came out, sending resumes is as artsy as you can get.

There’s a bunch of graphic resume templates in word online. As the saying goes, your imagination is the limiting factor. For every resume design you can think of, these graphic resume templates in word have it for you.

Get out of the box, so to speak. Enough of sending resumes that doesn’t even play up to the imagination of your potential boss. Who knows, that might be your edge over other applicants. And it is up to you really to design your resume in a way that suits your fancy.

Try to imagine the effect of having graphics designs in your resume. These are the types of resumes that are confident; because those who have submitted are not even afraid their resumes would come in too aggressive for employers out there. But only those who know how to deal with these templates know the difference between good resume and bad resume.

Get these graphic resume templates right now and incorporate it on your word documents. So much for the element of chance when applying for that desired job. You can make a difference right away by adding graphics to your resume, of which you can easily have with these graphic resume templates in word.

Blue Skies and Wedding Smiles with Lightroom -------------- best Lightroom presets

  • The best presets for your photo images
  • Lightroom presets perfect for your wedding pics
  • A preset that can transform seasons from fall to spring

Lightroom boasts of having the best photography tools there is. And it shows on the type of effect these tools can give to your photos. Let us take a quick look, though, at some of the best Lightroom presets that you can download online, and see the inherent beauty of having them with you.


  • Blue Sky Dream – Nothing beats a clear picture in front of you. Blue Sky Dream, as its name suggests, showcases its clearness and the warmth of having this preset as your photo editing tool. If you have a blurry landscape scene with you, you might want to try this preset on it, so you can present or post your outdoor scenes in a clean way.
  • Wedding Smiles – By far one of the best Lightroom presets around. The effect of it gives these newlyweds something to smile about. This preset allows you to highlight emotions on your wedding day, adding a more dramatic touch to it. And not only that, it is a free preset, so you and your bride can save some of your budget along the way.
  • Fall to Spring – It isn’t called the best Lightroom presets for nothing. It can literally change seasons as well. As in the case of Fall to Spring. If your photo editing tool allows you to change the season or “weather” of your photo, then that is no ordinary tool, to start with. That is actually taking photo editing to the next level.

This is just a sampling of the best Lightroom presets that you can download online. Getting the appropriate tools is crucial when editing your photos. Otherwise, you’ll end up diminishing the supposed beauty of your images, of which Lightroom is capable of improving it.

Free and Varied Lightroom Presets

  • Presets in bundles free for the enhancement of your photos
  • A photo app with so many options as far as effect goes
  • Creating photography masterpieces through Lightroom presets

It’s free and varied; those are the two words that you can describe with Lightroom. Ever since it came into the photography scene, it has made some impact both on those first time users as well as on seasoned photographers.


These Lightroom free presets have since made a significant contribution to photography in general. In fact, almost all of these superbly enhanced photos in magazines and online sites have been enhanced at least with Lightroom.

Free and Accessible

By far, this feature makes Lightroom so popular with photo lovers. You don’t have to spend so much for you to produce quality photos in the process. All you need to do is find that appropriate preset for your photo. These Lightroom free presets level the playing field as far as editing and enhancing photos are concerned.

With So Many Options

Aside from its accessibility, you are also given tons of effects for you to create technically sophisticated photos that your viewers will definitely love. Collections, workflows, bundles of presets are available online for you to use, so you can have that desired effect you’ve always wanted with your photos.

So, there you are, two of the main features that these Lightroom free presets can give to your photos. Only those who were able to download these presets can have these features day in and day out.

Find that appropriate preset right now for your photos. Experiment with it, until you can come up with effects that perk up the imagination of your viewers. And these Lightroom free presets will deliver it for you. It is actually the secret behind every great photo.


  • Are you an amateur who desire to become a wedding photographer someday?
  • Are you a professional who knows everything about photography and all other wedding shot techniques?
  • In this article, we will discuss with you some of the most essential wedding photography tips that you can use in your career.

Are you an amateur who desire to become a wedding photographer someday? Or are you a professional who knows everything about photography and all other wedding shot techniques. Well, regardless of your experience and skills, there will always be a room for new photography tricks and updates that will help you expand your photography portfolio.

Basically, we had the chance to gather information from experienced wedding photographers and in this article, we will discuss with you some of the most essential wedding photography tips that you can use in your career.


Familiarize Your Photography Gear

According to experts, wedding photography requires great skills and experience. It’s not just about taking pictures around, it’s also about passion, and motivation to provide the clients with the most perfect and unforgettable wedding images.

Master Photography Lighting

Generally, lighting is very important in all types of photography. Without proper lighting, it is very impossible to capture nice images. Camera flash could help, but it’s not even recommended by professionals as it somehow destroys the natural light on the subject.

Create Your Own Unique Style

People think that all photographers have the same styles in taking pictures. So in order to prove your clients wrong, you have to create your own signature style. It doesn’t need to be extravagant, you don’t even have to buy a lot of expensive cameras, and photography equipment. Even the simplest thing like using the right post processing tools like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop, or generating your own Lightroom wedding presets collection.  Photography is all about having great editing skills anyway. So, keep your editing style unique and consistent and you’ll have a long way to go as a photographer.

Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Lightroom Preset

  • Most professional photographers considered Lightroom as one of the best software
  • Now is the time to eliminate that fear and doubts
  • Installing Lightroom presets is easy.

Ever since its very first release, most professional photographers considered Lightroom as one of the best software Adobe has ever made. Aside from the fact that it was created to help them simplify their workload, Lightroom also contains useful and effective features that are essential to modifying images. However, some amateur photographers still have doubts with the program and that they prefer to use Photoshop to edit their images. Well, I believe, now is the time to eliminate that fear and doubts about using Lightroom presets. We will also let you understand what Lightroom is about.


Personally, I understand why amateurs are afraid to use Lightroom presets. First of all, Adobe has disclosed the fact that Lightroom is intended only for professional photographers. Second, they thought Lightroom contain a very complex interface in which they cannot understand fully. But honestly, Photoshop is more difficult than Lightroom.

I have been using Photoshop and Lightroom for years, and I have nothing to complain about the two popular editing software. It’s just that I only use Photoshop for images that requires further editing attention. Lightroom has been very helpful to me and my images. In addition, I can freely download the best Lightroom presets online whenever I don’t have the time to create it on my own.

But here’s the thing, not all downloadable Lightroom presets have good quality, some of those collections were not polished very well. So when you decide to purchase or download presets online, it is always best to check the reviews first.

Lastly, installing Lightroom presets is easy. I have never encountered any instances wherein I had troubles of installing it or applying presets to my images. Lightroom has its own advantages and disadvantages like any other software.

Drama and Characterization through Photoshop Actions

  • Photoshop actions that increase characterization and drama in your photo
  • Retro filters available online for that vintage effect
  • Popular Photoshop actions to use for that old, worn out feel on your picture

You will never run out of style with Photoshop actions. It has a collection of “actions” for every effect you can think of. From increasing that hazy atmosphere of your photo to accentuating that night to twilight effect, Photoshop actions have all the tools to deliver those specific effects, including, of course, that popular retro style.

Retro style Photoshop actions perfectly fit your vintage outlook on your photo. In fact, you can use these free retro filters available online if in case you wanted to make your pictures a bit older and worn out to your viewers.

But why choose these retro style Photoshop actions for your photos? Why go for vintage, in the first place? Reasons may vary why many use that vintage effect, but this type of effect, though, has its own purpose and being, despite the temptation of putting so many colors on your photo, many still dig vintage photography.


Two things: Characterization and Drama

  • Nowhere has characterization been displayed with finesse than with retro style Photoshop actions. Retro photography, without you noticing it, enhances the “character” of your photo subject more than neo-colored photos can do. You highlight the aura of your subject by deconstructing the color of your photo, whether through sepia or black and white.
  • Drama is another element why retro style Photoshop actions continue to entice photographers and designers as their choice of effect for their photos. The ruggedness, the raw atmosphere in most vintage photos makes for good drama, be it in photos or in films. Creating that barren, almost bare presentation of colors in your photo, by way of reducing its prominence to make it look old, sends out a lot of meaning compared to those colorful, HD photos around.

So if, in case, you may have run out of roads as far as style is concerned, why not go the vintage way out of these retro style Photoshop actions?  You now have a chance to present your new photos with a touch of history and experience. Quite a novel way of presenting a new photo.

Creating Photoshop Actions

During the days when post processing tools are not accessible, you’d probably heard photographers modifying and processing their images inside the dark room. In there, masking, fogging, flashing, dodging and burning negative films are possible. Despite the hardships, photographers can still produce a good photograph.


In today’s era where modern technology is widely used and the rising of digital imaging industries, there are a lot of artistic ways to edit and improve hundreds and thousands of images without getting stressed out. This method is known as the modern day digital darkroom. But the thing here is, photographers are not working in a literal dark room. They are now using software applications that are being installed on PC desktop (Windows and Mac operating system). One of the most trusted brands that most professional photographers used is called Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop contains actions or recorded step by step modification process that can be used to transform hundreds of images at once.

Professional photographers are using Photoshop Actions for their images since it is a well-known time saver feature. Actions are reusable and modifiable and can be used to one or more images at once. However, they can download best free photoshop actions online if they don’t want to create and record their own.

Essentially, you can do everything in Photoshop’s interface. From modifying images one by one, manually to using actions for massive numbers of images. In addition, actions can be one of the following (vintage, lomo, black and white, sepia, HDR or customized Photoshop Action).

So, Why You Should Use Actions?

It depends on your availability and time, whether to use Actions or not. Photoshop actions are intended for photographers who are dealing with thousands of images in a day. It was built to make their life easier.

Qualities of a Great Photo via Photoshop Action

Online photography is making waves lately. In fact, it has lined up a list of actions for Photoshop that you can use for your photos. This list has it all, from creating 3D effects to retro images that bring back colorful memories, Photoshop is now stacking these actions into a series of collections.

PS1Let us examine these actions though and see why such demands keep on coming.

Different Shades

The ability to highlight different shades of color and tone is what makes Photoshop actions a notch higher than any photo-enhancing app. From your original photo, you can highlight them with varying degrees of color, including its luminance. From sepia to vintage to black and white, Photoshop actions can make specific enhancements for a much better view of your photo.

Impact and Improvisation

Photoshop actions create powerful images. Even in black and white, its images command a certain sense of integrity, not just lifeless representation of an object. The effect brings with it a complete experience like touching a real food aside from looking at it.

Crisp and clear

By far the element that makes these actions the appropriate photo enhancing solution for your photos. The crispness of it enables you to see even the minute details of your photo, and that its clearness amplifies specific features of your images.

The web has a lot of apps for the enhancement of your photos, including a list of actions for Photoshop. By giving your photos different shades of hue, with improvisational effects, couple with crisp and clear images, Photoshop actions enhances your photos only professional photographers are capable of doing.

It is making waves lately because many are using it for their website and social media pages, photos that, at first glance, looked more like pictures coming out from a studio. These pictures are enhanced with just a single click of a mouse, the effect, however, is making a constant buzz online.

Choosing the Right Photo Editing Tool For Your Photography Career

aug3When it comes to choosing the best photo editing tool or software for your images, you may find yourself confused and tired since there are tons of options to choose from. However, by reading some helpful guidelines and tutorials, you’ll know which one is the best. In this article, we will compare the two of the most effective and famous tools in the industry: Photoshop and Lightroom, both programs made by Adobe and we will see which of the two is the best.

Adobe Photoshop

Before Lightroom came to the limelight, Adobe Photoshop was once the best photo editing tool available in the market. The only reason why photographers switched to Lightroom is that Photoshop is very time-consuming and complicated in terms of modifying tons of images. Adobe Photoshop can do more than Lightroom since it contains a lot of useful and unique editing tools. The program is also more challenging and mind blowing making it harder for amateurs to finish one image editing task. Only professional photographers can use the program without having a hard time.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a tool intended to help professional photographers with their images. If Photoshop has actions, Lightroom also has its own presets, or filtered images, (it can be a collection of vintage Lightroom presets) or images with specific styles and color adjustments, that can be applied to one or more images at once. Moreover, the program contains 7 useful modules; Library, Develop, Print, Slideshow, Web, Photo book, Map Module.

Basically, both programs can deliver the best image outcome. But in today’s increase demands, photographers need something like Lightroom to help them speed up the whole modification process. In addition, Lightroom can do other things than image editing. It is also capable of helping photographers organize and manage their vintage Lightroom presets or other preset in one collection folder.

By choosing Adobe Lightroom as your photo editing tool, you’ll be able to produce several high-quality images in no time.